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Super IC/ ID Card Copier Machine for multi-frequency IC / ID Card

Publié à 15:52, le 8/12/2016,
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Super ID IC card copier is Frequency Smart ID / IC card duplicator copying machine, obd2cartool.com Super ID IC Smart Card key machine can read and copy all 125KHz, 250KHz(PID encryption), 375KHz, 500KHz ID card and 13.56MHz IC card.

smart card Key machine Instruction:         
1.  HD3.2 inch full color screen, clear display, built-in multy-lingual.
2.  ID/IC full-hand, voice broadcast,
3.  It can copy these frequency card: 125KHz,250KHz,500KHz,625KHz,750KHz,875KHz,875KHz,1000KHz,13.56MHz
4.  Digital keys to enter the card number can be entered directly.
5.  Comes decoding, direct preparation of various types of smart card access door.

It can copy all encryption IC card, even if all sectors are encryption.


obd2cartool.com iCOPY 3 Smart IC ID Card key machine


iCOPY 3 Smart Supported IC ID Card :
IC, MF1, S50, S70, ID, TK4100, EM4100, HID26, HID35, HID37, GID64, GID50, GID40, GID32, GID16, SID64, SID50, SID40, SID32,125KHZ-13.56MHZ;

It supports hundreds of smart cards including Asia, Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Affrica, Australia etc, it will be updated and supports more smart cards in the future.

iCOPY 3 Supported Blank Copy Cards:
It supports almost all blank copy cards,including
UID, FUID,CUID,ZXUID, EUID, ICUID, E5500, E5550, T5577, EM4305, EL8265, 5200, 6200, 7200, 8200, 6608, 6609, 7325, 4366, 8348, 9823, 9834, ID435, 2346 etc,it will be updated and  supports more smart cards in the future. 

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