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Chrysler Witech Micropod ii With V17.04.27 wiTECH 2 software And Fiat Software New Update !!

Publié à 06:49, le 25/10/2017,
Mots clefs : Chrysler Witech Micropod iiChrysler Witech pod ii

Chrysler Witech Micropod ii has Online and offline Programming Diagnostic features. obd2cartool.com V17.04.27 Chrysler Witech Micropod 2 with DRB3 EMULATOR and working no need drivers .  Chrysler Witech pod ii Online Programming Diagnostic tool With V17.04.27 wiTECH 2 software And Fiat Software New Update, it with Chrysler online account access

New chrysler witech micropod ii Kit Chrysler VCI Micro Pod 2
New Chrysler Witech Micropod ii VCI Witech Micropod 2 V17.04.27 software work online or offline

1. Software Update available: obd2cartool.com engineer will teamviewer to active V17.04.27 wiTECH 2 software for you for the first time and give authorization.

With this authorization, you only for download the newer software from website ,and easy to finish software update by yourself.

2. V17.04.27 Chrysler Witech Micropod 2 vci Support Vehicle: Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Fiat from year 2004-2017

3. Fiat Witech 2 Software Included: Witech 2 v17.04.27 including the parts of fiat vehicle data, if you need to do fiat  only , then we will install a fiat software for more vehicle with charged.

4. Support Online Programming:  Newer witech 2 support online programming with online account access, pls connect our seller for more detail.

5. If your WiTech pod II be locked or need witech 2 online program SCN coding account, please contact obd2cartool.com online .

Notice For Witech 2 V17.04.27 witech Micropod II:

1. V17.04.27 Witech 2 software can be installed and used on one laptop, if you put the hdd from obd2cartool.com on another laptop, the software and micropod 2 hardware will be blocked.

2. You can’t copy the software to another HDD, or the software and hardware will be blocked.


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How to Via Digiprog 3 V4.94 do program EEPROM?

Publié à 18:56, le 15/02/2017,
Mots clefs : locksmith toolDigiprog 3 Mileage programmer

Digiprog 3 is the most popular Odometer correction tool, Latest V4.94 Digiprog 3 Mileage programmer add more car models on the basic of V4.88 Digiprog III odomaster correct tool.

HQ digiprog 3 odomaster correct tool full set

But do you know how to program EEPROM with digiprog 3 odometer correction tool through “EEPROM”
menu. there obd2cartool.com will help you to know:

EEPROM programming with Digiprog 3 is done through some adapters, for example, 01/04 Adapter,Digiprog 3 ST02 cable or others. These adapters can be purchased at local aftermarket shops or from online stores.

EEPROM chip 01/04 Adapter picture taken:

digiprog 3 01-04 adapter
Notes before you start:
1. De-solder eeprom
2. Make sure the contact points or legs with glass fiber pin thoroughly.
3. Clean clearly with sandpaper, etc
4. Insert eeprom correctly into Digiprog3 ST01/ST04 adapter, and make sure they are contacting.


How to programming EEPROM via digiprog 3 mileage correction tool?
1. Connect DP3 device to your car via OBD connector
2. Enter “EEPROM” menu

digiprog iii program EEPROM
3. Read data from EEPROM and store them in digiprog3 Follow this way:
Select the “SET TYPE” and choose “93C46″, then your digiprog has been set up to read a 93C46 chip. Press “EEPROM” again and then “READ”. There will show you the information on the digiprog III screen when the reading is complete. Now press “VERIFY” so the information on your screen can agree with the Eeprom.
Next click the “FILE” and there will show you another submenu, you can click “SAVE” and enter a file name for the information you are saving. Once you entered the file name, your data is safe and the vehicle is now ready to be reprogrammed.
4. Get EEPROM from ST01/ST04 adapter and reload it;
5. Select the function EEPROM COMPARE;
6. Then it is the previous read data on digiprog 3 but not the internal memory, comparing it with the now re-inserted EEPROM;


Error message may appear during the process, restore or reprogram, restore the original data status and it will be
External eeprom programmer Read and store data status Take EEPROM from the adapter and insert it again
Re-read data level and save it
Comparison on data sets in the editor (windows—total commander)
If the comparison is identical, it is correct.
If the data is restored already, the reprogramming error shows the original data
Data state produced!



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How about Wifi Piwis Tester 2 with Panasonic CF30 Installed V18.10?

Publié à 16:24, le 14/01/2017,
Mots clefs : PIWIS II Wifi for PorscheWifi Piwis Tester 2

PIWIS II Wifi for Porsche OEM Wireless Solution Released! The wifi solution is 100% OEM as dealership

ones, you can choose both USB (LAN) connection and Wireless (WLAN) function, also the wifi signal is really


Piwis II Wireless tester V18.10 comes with Panasonic CF30 Laptop, software preinstalled, can work for all

porsche from 1996 to 2016 via USB cable and Wireless.
And Piwis II Wireless tester comes with best piwis ii VCI , support online function, packaged in good metal box.

Piwis II Wireless tester Diagnostic Tool is able to work with Porsche cars from 1996 to 2016 year, special for the

Panamera which can only be diagnosed by it.
It work with laptop via USB cable and Wifi .

Notice for this Porsche Piwis II Wireless tester:
1. After finish diagnostic, please quit the connection, and quit to the homepage of the software, then shut off the

laptop in correct way(DO NOT Press Power Button, otherwise the system will be damaged).
2. This Piwis ii wireless tester we sell is best quality which is made in Tainwan, and it is Semtec Hardware, which

is 100% same as the porsche dealer has, not J2534 hardware, the J2534 FTDI hardware comes with different

PCB,  and it has no certification make it is not able work with all modules, not support online functions.
3. Certificate is well installed, our Piwis II supports Online Functions, only two functions need to work online:

Teach keys immo function and Parts protection function.
wifi Piwis Tester 2 with Panasonic CF30 8

wifi Piwis Tester 2 with Panasonic CF30 9

Software Version: V18.100
Can work with Laptop via USB Cable and Wireless.
Covers Porsche’s vehicle lists to the whole year long till 2016.
Can work with 2016 new cars Porsche Macan and add porsche wiring diagram as well as service plan.
Software will never expire!!



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PCF79XX Adapter for Xhorse VVDI Prog PCF79XX VVDI2 Prog Programmer

Publié à 16:32, le 26/12/2016,
Mots clefs : PCF79XX AdapterPCF79XX VVDI2 Prog Programmer

PCF79XX Adapter works together with VVDI-Prog  and VVDI2 Prog Programmer, used for PCF79XX Chips. PCF79XX Adapter for VVDI2 Programmer and XHORSE for BENZ BGA Tool,Supported Chip PCF7922 PCF7941 PCF7945 PCF7952 PCF7953 PCF7961.

PCF79XX Adapter for Xhorse VVDI Prog PCF79XX  VVDI2 Prog Programmer

1. Supported Chip models:

PCF7922 PCF7941 PCF7945 PCF7952 PCF7953 PCF7961

2. Two  ways to read write PCF79XX chip:

(1) Remove the chip and put it in the IC socket, select option "PCF79XX chip" shown as follows.

PCF79XX Adapter 4.jpg
(2) Connect wire to the circuit board, select option "PCF79XX adapter" shown as follows.

PCF79XX Adapter 5.jpg
Note: If PCF79XX adapter option can't recognize chip due to the affection of circuit board, just remove chip and put it in IC socket, then use option "PCF79XX chip" to operate. Xhorse VVDI PROG Programmer


3. VVDI Pro Description:

PCF79XX Adapter 6.jpg
(1) "EEPROM": data storage space, it can read & write in protected status.
(2) "EROM": program memory space (equal to other chip's FLASH space), it can read & write in unprotected status.
(3) "Protected": click "Protected" to lock chip and unable to read out chip data.
(4) "Unprotected": click "Unprotected" to unlock chip and able to read out chip data.
After unlock, the original data in the chip will be cleared.

4. PCF79XX chip Function

(1) Currently PCF79XX chip supports lock, unlock and read/write data.
(2) RENEW function will be added in the coming days, it will load corresponding data and directly renew key, the detailed specific car model data will be released.

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Super IC/ ID Card Copier Machine for multi-frequency IC / ID Card

Publié à 15:52, le 8/12/2016,
Mots clefs :

Super ID IC card copier is Frequency Smart ID / IC card duplicator copying machine, obd2cartool.com Super ID IC Smart Card key machine can read and copy all 125KHz, 250KHz(PID encryption), 375KHz, 500KHz ID card and 13.56MHz IC card.

smart card Key machine Instruction:         
1.  HD3.2 inch full color screen, clear display, built-in multy-lingual.
2.  ID/IC full-hand, voice broadcast,
3.  It can copy these frequency card: 125KHz,250KHz,500KHz,625KHz,750KHz,875KHz,875KHz,1000KHz,13.56MHz
4.  Digital keys to enter the card number can be entered directly.
5.  Comes decoding, direct preparation of various types of smart card access door.

It can copy all encryption IC card, even if all sectors are encryption.


obd2cartool.com iCOPY 3 Smart IC ID Card key machine


iCOPY 3 Smart Supported IC ID Card :
IC, MF1, S50, S70, ID, TK4100, EM4100, HID26, HID35, HID37, GID64, GID50, GID40, GID32, GID16, SID64, SID50, SID40, SID32,125KHZ-13.56MHZ;

It supports hundreds of smart cards including Asia, Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Affrica, Australia etc, it will be updated and supports more smart cards in the future.

iCOPY 3 Supported Blank Copy Cards:
It supports almost all blank copy cards,including
UID, FUID,CUID,ZXUID, EUID, ICUID, E5500, E5550, T5577, EM4305, EL8265, 5200, 6200, 7200, 8200, 6608, 6609, 7325, 4366, 8348, 9823, 9834, ID435, 2346 etc,it will be updated and  supports more smart cards in the future. 

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